2 Girls 1 Cup is possibly the most disgusting thing on the internet. Now I'll admit there are a lot of gross things online but I've yet to encounter anything more revolting than the misadventures of two girls who literally eat shit and puke trying. The website, (http://www.2girls1cup.com/), is host to the video (viewer discretion advised, seriously), as well as a number of videos of people's reactions to watching the scat porn.

While I'm sure footage like this could give rise to a great number of introspective sociological queries, it's really just gross. Don't watch it. With that said, now you probably have to.

In pretty, blue shirt
And short, dark skirt
She is standing there
Caked with make-up

Sitting beside her
In purple top
Is another girl
Clutching at her

The appliances
Give it away
They're in a kitchen
Doing their deed

What do people see?
Why do they watch
The brown sludge eaten
By these two girls?

'Sif in some sick dream
The girls vomit
'Sif they enjoy it
They eat their own

They lick their own waste
Admire the mess
And savour the taste
Of rottenness

Why must there be made
Shock video
Of these two young girls
Two Girls One Cup?

This poem was requested by, and is dedicated to, Rapscallion.

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