Well, I didn't meet him at the candy store

When my ex moved out, I was unsure whether I would be able to keep my internet connection, or indeed, my computer.
I didn't want my friends who know me only online to worry about me (and since we'd had a death in our community within a year, they would have worried *LOTS*) and so I sent an email to about 6 of my friends.

In essence, it said that my husband was leaving, that I was distressed but basically ok, and that I didn't know when or indeed if I would be back online.

The man who is now my lover (and who I had met in person just twice before) was on my doorstep in about 2 minutes longer than the drive takes.
He wrapped his arms right around me and gave me the best hug of my life
He stayed with me for the whole day, holding me sometimes, talking with me sometimes, listening to me rant on and on...

He was a dear friend, and sexy, but neither of us considered that we'd become lovers and be together more than a year down the track. He had an internet relationship with a girl from another state, to whom he was devoted, and I was... single, yes, but also eleven years his senior.

When his girl finally came to our city to meet him, I went with him for moral support.

It was a Day of Horror *grin*

First there were the nerves (as I was as nervous as he was) and they got worse and worse and worse as she kept not-phoning and the time for the call got further and further into lateness...

When we finally met up with her and her siblings, she was just ... well, it didn't work out and it was all very unpleasant really.
I had a temper tantrum of which I'm not proud, and after a while my Love and I went back to my place.
It was the only time I can ever remember actually shaking with rage. I almost felt it was I who had been jilted. His feelings were incredibly important to me already. I think by then he was my best friend.

Soon he was coming around about once a week, and... things happened, as things often do, and well...  
I'd loved him since before I met him... but soon I was as hugely and adolescently in love with him as I think it's possible to be. 

We've been together for fourteen months as I type this, and although we've had 
ups and downs, with both of us doing one or two Bad Things to one another, we've still never fought.

When my brother killed himself, my Love was there for me. He held me when I needed holding, he was not obtrusive when I wanted to be alone, he drove me everywhere I needed to go to get the ID and funeral organised, he was glad when my tears finally came.
He was an absolute angel, and I'll owe him forever.

I'd do anything in the world for him
Except share him.

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