Fredrick Aaron Savage is an actor who will likely always be best remembered for his role starring as Kevin Arnold, a boy growing up in the 60's, in The Wonder Years.

He was also the annoying kid who kept interrupting the story in The Princess Bride.

Born on July 9, 1976, in Glencoe, Illinois, Fred first broke into show business after heading to some commercial auditions because they seemed like fun, and were nearby his house in Chicago. He landed himself a role in a Pac Man vitamins commercial.

He did commercials for a couple of years, and then made his break into movies. Mostly small roles, but enough that the producers of The Wonder Years noticed him in Vice Versa, and sent him a copy of the script. Well, needless to say, since I wouldn't be talking about it otherwise, he got the part.

The show did well. Very well. He spent a good 6 years showing us what growing up in the 60's was like. Especially when you spend half the time dating the cute girl next door. The story followed Kevin Arnold and his friends and family as he went through adolescence, from Jr. High to his Junior year of High School.

While playing Kevin Arnold, at the age of 12 he became the youngest person to ever be nominated for a best acting Emmy award, and again the next year.

After finishing up on The Wonder Years, he graduated high school, and attended Stanford University, where he became a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

He took a year off from Stanford in 1997 to star in a sitcom called Working, in which he played an idealistic recent graduate thrust into corporate culture. Hilarity Ensued.

Of course, like most new sitcoms, it crashed and burned after the first season. So he headed back to school, and graduated with an English degree in 1998.

Oh, and acting seems to run in the family, with his brother Ben being best known by for his series Boy Meets World, and his sister Kala also an actor, but not really known well for anything.

Fred also tried his hand at directing a few times, doing an episode of Boy Meets World and a few of Working, and later on one or more episodes of Even Stevens and All About Us.

Since graduation, he's kept working, appearing in a number of TV shows and movies, including a spot this summer in the new Austin Powers Movie. And of course, by this summer, I meant 2002.

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