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A character in the webcomic Doodle MaCZ, Michael the Happy Puppy is just that, the most cheerful little puppy you've ever seen. First introduced in the last page of Volume 1, "The Trials of Oinks", his happiness shows through completely -- he'll take a knife in the back and say it isn't bad (after which he becomes a disembodied head for the remainder of the series), and thus is coined his catch phrase, "who needs a body to live when you have a face to smile?". Who indeed, little puppy. After his first appearance, he does not appear until the fourth page of volume 3, "Quell His Anger, Little Puppy!".

In the secret issue, it is revealed he is based off of a "real life" Michael, who is a maniacally depressed sod that doesn't mind the occassional knife to the back, thus forming the hilarious puppy we all know and love. The real world Michael actually ended up joining the US Marine Corps, strangely, so the possibility of taking a real knife in the back is pretty good. Also, the happy puppy is not a Doodle MaC, just a talking puppy (of course!).

Here are a few fun Happy Puppy quotes. You poor bastard.

He has a theme song, as well.

He's Michael
The happy puppy
The happiest puppy
There ever was
He'll take a knife
In the back
And say it ain't bad
'Cause he's Michael
The happy puppy!

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