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Doodle MaCZ, pronounced "doo-dle macs-zah", is a fairly amusing webcomic drawn by a lesser-known malcontent, prefering to call himself Dauntless, or just "the Lord". It chronicles the adventures of a lad named Tray Sellem (an obvious play on Pokémon -- whose main character's name is Ash Ketchum) as he goes on a quest to become a master of Doodle MaCZ. The comic combines on the themes of Pokémon ("monster catching" theme) and Dragonball Z ("ignores physics during fight sequences" theme) somewhat, with a lot of random inanity and insights into the author's complete disgust and disapproval of American society -- while appearing light-hearted at first, Doodle MaCZ touches on such issues as suicide, drug abuse, the pervasive and ubiquitous influence of the mass media, and other happy things.

The story begins as Tray completes his training, recieves a piggy Doodle MaC from his sensei, and is sent off into the world to discover his destiny (to become rich from selling Doodles to scrubs). Tray meets characters such as the shady Cockmaster, lord of chicken-type Doodles; the ruthless Meth and his lovely sidekick Crystal (and their deadly Doodles Cain and Rocky); Keanu Reeves; and innumerable, random assassins hell-bent on Tray's murder.

Later in the series (Volume 3), Tray becomes a scrub (a term used in the comic to refer to a Doodle Newbie), and the main characters become Octopus Guy, a seething, hate-filled lad aiming for the total annihilation of mass media, and Michael the Happy Puppy, a disembodied puppy's head who is always happy. Once again, all this shows us all how utterly depraved the author is. At this point in time, the series is incomplete, but here's to hoping the lazy ass will continue it.

There are three Volumes of Doodle MaCZ and several "gaiden" (side-story) pages, all being made up of various amounts of single, black-and-white pages (which are mostly the reverse sides of high school German assignments). The art style is mostly stick figures and crudely-drawn pigs. Sure, the drawing is not the best, but all in all, Doodle MaCZ is a humorous, badly-drawn foray into the imagination of a lunatic. If you want to go read it for whatever reason, it may be located at dradius.8k.com/Doodle.

A list of Doodle MaCZ-related stuff, for your viewing pleasure.

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