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Tray Sellem is the main character of the comic Doodle MaCZ. He wears a cap, and can turn into a werewolf on the full moon.

Raised in Pondsville and trained in the ways of doodle by the sensei of the local d0j0, he goes forth into the world with his Piggy (which he names Oinks) and five bucks to become a Doodle MaC master. Unfortunately, all he truly cares about is money, as seen when he sells Piggy after only three hours of living it up in Stinky Ron's City. But, when harassed, Tray steals back his Doodle to fight again, and thus begins an endless cycle of Oinks being treated like shit thoughout the comic. Soon after, Tray steals a chicken doodle (Clucky), and purchases a liver (Zorbie) for the agreeable price of zero dollars.

At the beginning of Volume 2, he is bamboozled into joining a Doodle Tournament being held by Evil Inc., the graham cracker company, which promises employment to the lucky victor. Tray holds his own as a competitor, even after he gets cut up pretty bad by the Cockmaster (during a climactic fight wielding baby seals, on a foot-wide plank suspended fifty feet above a shark tank), Oinks is stolen, Clucky gets gonorrhea, and Zorbie evolves into a Cancerous Cyst. Tray returns to his hometown in Volume 3 (during which a new character becomes the protagonist), but is so traumatized by what he finds there that he goes woefully insane, degenerating into a pot-smoking fiend (mostly due to the evil influence of Keanu Reeves) and creating counterfeit Doodle MaCZ.

How this series of events develops is as of yet unknown, as Doodle MaCZ as a whole is a work in progress.

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