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The angel of solitudes and tears. Sometimes associated with temperance and self-discipline. One new-age angel resource makes this equation: Good fortune and luck arise from self-discipline and temperance; when these qualities are lacking we can expect to feel sadness and anger. Cassiel is associated with the planet Saturn (and occasionally Pluto).

Many sources list Cassiel (along with Uriel and Machatan) as the angel of Saturday.

Cassiel is usually depicted as "a bearded king with wings and scaly skin, who rides on the back of a winged dragon, and carries in his right hand an arrow". He is associated with the colors maroon, black and less frequently brown; however one illustration has him with tomato red skin.

Steve Jackson Games describes Cassiel as the Angel of the Word of Truth-in-Advertising (In Nomine).

An angel named Cassiel was portrayed by Otto Sander in the Wim Wenders films Faraway, So Close! (In weiter Fern, So nah!), and Wings of Desire (Der Himmel ueber Berlin). In the films, Wenders prefers to emphasize Cassiel's traditional characteristics -- solitude and tears -- over the more occult traits. Otto Sander's portrayal has much less to do with a dragon-riding king, than with Wenders' own social/spiritual poetics.

Cassiel occupies the heavenly position of ruling prince (Sarim, or principality) of the seventh heaven, who "shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom" (Francis Barrett, The Magus, or The Celestial Intelligencer]).

According to Barrett's formulation: "spirits who appear in a kingly form, have a much higher dignity than them who take an inferior shape; and those who appear in a human shape, exceed in authority and power them that come as animals; and again, these latter surpass in dignity them who appear as trees or instruments, and the like: so that you are to judge of the power, government, and authority of spirits by their assuming a more noble and dignified apparition."

Herbal associations: Black pepper, cardamom, coffee, galangal, hyacinth, hops, pennyroyal, pine, thyme, tuberose, and woodruff.

Elemental associations: Earth, salt and lead.

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