The advantage of the women's bathroom is those wonderful gumball machines on the wall. Never used one myself yet because I never have a quarter, but one of these days I will.

The advantage of the men's bathroom is the free cakes. They taste funny but hey, you can't beat free!

The advantage of the gender-neutral bathroom is that it's almost always the single-person family bathroom which means it's spacious, clean, it has those fold-down plastic things to hold your backpack, and above all, it's SOLITARY. Although sometimes the bathroom is effectively gender-neutral because it's literally the only one on the premises, which means it's a dimly-lit room full of grime out back and no guarantee of toilet paper or soap.

The advantage of digging a hole in the ground in the woods is you get to pretend you're being a rugged adventurer instead of an unlucky sap who needed to take a leak in the middle of a hike. Make sure those leaves you're using aren't poison ivy.

The advantage of a chamber pot is that you can fling the whole thing out the window when you're done. Not like you were coming back to this city anyway right?

The advantage of an outhouse is you have an excuse to not wash your hands because if there was running water in those things they wouldn't be outhouses. This also applies to camp latrines. It does not apply to Porta Potties, which usually have hand-sanitizer dispensers.

Don't get me started on squat toilets.

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