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Advogato is a site for the free software developer community. It provides the typical weblog-style story postings with follow-up comments, with two twists. The first is that it provides a shared diary/activity log server. The second is that it provides a trust metric which generates a sort of community rating system whereby people achieve a reputation from Apprentice to Master. It's necessary to achieve at least Apprentice certification to post articles but anyone can post diary entries. Discussion sometimes chains between different people's diary entries; this is usually more interesting than the articles. Advogato is a great way to keep up with what other free software hackers are doing.

It's similar to community sites like slashdot and kuro5hin but seems to have a closer-knit community.

In addition Advogato alows to add your own projects (free software projects) and mark yourself as a person, involved in noted project as Lead developer, Developer or Helper.

It is built on mod_virgule (virgule) engine. This software was redeveloped by lkcl to be XML enhanced (mod_xvl on virgule.sourceforge.net).

And pay attention to advogato trust metric. It is really cool method of geting rid of SPAM and bad posts. It is something, which is implemented in E2 as levels. But it is based on members desision (via use of certificate) not on certain algorithm, as here). Also it have seeds persons, with are the root persons and their certs most valuable ;-)

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