The theme of Age of Empires is the rise of the first great civilizations over the 12,000 years that followed the last ice age. You are the guiding spirit of a tribe that predates one of the great cultures of antiquity. Your goal is to build your tribe into a mighty civilization that can vie for world (game) dominance (victory). You begin the game in the stone age with a small tribe of villagers on an unexplored map. See Age of Empires con't for more information.

Age of Emipres has an expansion pack Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, that greatly added to the original. There is a sequel, AoE2, and an expansion of of that, AoE2: The Conquerors. Age/Age2 is an excellent real-time strategy game, but having no where near the play base that Starcraft does.

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game where you get to play as an ancient culture such as the Egyptians or the Greeks there are also some lesser known cultures such as the Hitittes. In Age of Empires (or AOE as it is known) there are several game modes, along with a multi-player game and a senario/campain designer, which is really easy to use. The game has good gameplay, allthough its not as good as its sequel Age of Kings, or Starcraft.

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