"AoK" is the sequel to Ensemble Studios' game Age of Empires (hence the alternate name "Age of Empires II"). Like AoE and RoR, you are in control of a civilization. Although hard to believe, the graphics are better (AoE's graphics were really good).
A major improvement is the AI - the computer players are much "smarter" now. There are also more random map types (and the random map generator is really good). For those interested in making their own scenarios, the editor now allows fancy things, like scripting, which allows neat things to happen as you play.

Age of Kings is the sequel to Age of Empires. It is very addictive or maybe just to me. You basically play God in this game. You control many civilizations. I know a few cheat codes:

  • lumberjack: adds 1,000 wood to your stock pile

  • robin hood: adds 1,000 gold to your stock pile

  • cheese steak jimmy's: add 1,000 food to your stock pile

  • rock on: adds 1,000 rock to your stock pile

  • how do you turn this on: gives you a cobra car. It is very fast and shoots things

  • I love the monkey head: gives you a guy who can move really fast. He doesn't do anything though

  • natural wonders: you can control the animals

  • aegis: instant construction of buldings. Villagers gather resources faster. Units and technologies are made the instant you click on the button

  • black death: You win instantly

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