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"Lord of the Sun Face"

Ahau-Kin is the Mayan sun god. He had a duel-lordship, thought, in that he possessed both daytime and nocturnal aspects. His daytime manifestation is one of a mna with ears and a tail like those of a jaguar. In the twilight hours between day and night, he become the Jaguar God, the Lord of the Underworld as he traveled from the west of the underworld back to the east. And in the night he is portrayed as a jaguar, dark and sober, and is said to roam the underworld until light.

His realm, called Mechanus, overlooks the abandoned realm of his former rival, the Torillian power Amaunator. In the middle of the cog which his realms turns on is a temple with 144 steps to the top. Every twelve hours the realm is bathed in light and the other twelve, in is plunged in darkness.

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