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A 16-part multi-timbral digital rackmount sampler.
Approximately 22000 units produced between 1988 and 1993.

The S1000 is a 16-bit sampler with 16-voice polyphony and a variable sampling rate ranging from 22.5-44.1kHz. It offers 2MB of RAM, which can be expanded to 32MB. A 3.5" floppy drive is also available. The sampler holds a maximum of 200 samples and 100 programs.
There are many editing functions, including tuning, merging, different kinds of looping (with 8 looping points) and even timestretch on the later ROM versions. The S1000 also sports 24-bit digital processing, consisting of one 18dB/octave filter, an LFO plus two ADSR envelope generators. The user interface comes equipped with plenty of buttons and a 40 x 8 character LCD.

In addition to the usual MIDI in/out/thru, footswitch and audio i/o jacks, the back panel also features 8 assignable outputs and XLR inputs.
Hardware upgrade options include a SCSI interface, Atari hard disk interface and digital audio board. The unit's software OS can be upgraded with a floppy disk.
Although lacking in features compared to today's high end samplers, the S1000 is still widely used by studios and artists. Users include Mouse on Mars, Moby and The Chemical Brothers.

48.3 (w) x 42.5 (d) x 13.3 (h) cm
9.5 kg

Information gathered from all over the web, including www.synthmuseum.com, www.vintagesynth.com and www.harmony-central.com. Not a cut'n'paste job.

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