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Leaving periodically from the Alameda/Oakland Ferry Terminal in San Francisco at Pier 41, this is a twin-hulled catamaran high-speed ferry. At around $9/round trip, it's not a particularly economic way to commute. For a day out in The City, though, it's a nice way to travel. It has several advantages over BART and the Transbay Buses. To wit:

- Plenty of seats most of the time
- Three decks of seating
- No need for exact change
- Pay with a credit card
- Spectacular view
- Eating and drinking is allowed
- Food and drink is sold on site
- Beer and wine and a full bar are available!
(YES, you heard me. It's the one and only way to legitmately get smashed on your daily commute should you so wish. Knock yerself out!)
- The top deck: open to the sky and the Bay, it's a thrilling ride (even if it gets a mite nippy at times, and your hair will fly everywhere)

Recommended! And the transfer part of your ticket will get you a free ride on AC Transit once you disembark.

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