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Ever wondered who the other dude was on the Bill and Ted movies? I mean, sure there was Keanu Reeves – everyone knows that right? But who was the other guy?

Alex Winter – that’s who.

But you’ve probably figured this out, as you’re on a node titled Alex Winter. And I’m here to tell you about the wonderful and exciting world of Alex Winter.

Alex was born July 17, 1965 in London, England. His parents were both professional dancers, founders of the Mid America Dance Company. From a young age, Alex became interested in theatre and films, and always knew that making films would be the thing he most wanted to do.

When he turned 11, his parents' marriage took a turn for the worse. He took residence in New York with his mother. He took to the New York theatre circuit, playing roles in such plays as The King and I, Peter Pan, and Oliver!

Alex kept himself acting in roles he could find to support himself and his business. Co-founded with Tom Stern, “Stern Winter Productions” produced music videos for artists, including Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And so came his break into the film industry, he was to play Bill S. Preston Esq. (anyone know what the ‘s’ stood for?) in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He developed a good rapport with Keanu, which gave them on screen chemistry and thus made the film a totally excellent experience. Both Bill and Ted movies were box office smashes (personally I preferred Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey). Alex used this newfound fame as a platform to direct his own movies. Apart from the odd movie, he would prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. He’s been keeping himself busy with commercials, music videos and various short films. His last big film project was Fever in 1999 which he wrote and directed.

So… What’s he doing now?

Right now he’s writing and directing the Napster story for MTV Original Movies.


1985 – He was ‘Hermosa’ in Death Wish 3.
1987 – He was ‘Marko’ in The Lost Boys.
1987 – acted in Medium Rare (no character name given, so he was probably just an extra)
1988 – He was ‘John Polidori’ in Haunted Summer.
1989 – He was ‘Schatzi’ in Rosalie Goes Shopping.
1989 – He was ‘Bill S. Preston Esq.’ In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
1991 – He was ‘Bill S. Preston Esq.’ In Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.
1991 – He co-directed MTV’s The Idiot Box, as well as playing various different roles.
1993 – He co-directed and played character ‘Ricky Coogan’ in Freaked.
1997 – He had a cameo appearance as ‘a TV Gangster’ in The Borrowers
1999 – He wrote and directed Freaked – he also had a cameo appearance as a subway passenger

As well as all of these prolific roles, he took many other minor roles in various different films.

Source: http://www.alexwinterfansite.com/

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