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Right, I've finally gotten round to editing my homenode from a dire apology to this... Beast of a homenode.

About me

I am Male, and at the time of writing this 18 years of age. I live in the South East of England and am convinced that its pretty much the best place to be. I'm easy going and enjoy the company of females. While my nature and Alignment is generally Good, I must admit I can be quite Evil at times.
My favourite band is Iron Maiden. My Favourite book is Bram Stokers Dracula. I am a poor starving student of the University of Northampton. I enjoy reading, listening to music. I'm a bit of a sesquipedalianophile. I'm quite good at writing lyrics. I'm quite apt at sneaking around without being noticed, and startle people from behind - something I find terribly amusing.

Useful Titbits of information I have learned while I've been on Earth.

Ignore Your Problems, They Will Eventually Go Away. Of course, this doesn't apply to everything - for example, ignoring a bullet flying at 250 metres a second flying towards your forehead wont make it go away... Then again you'll soon be too dead to notice. I digress. I have had good evidence to support my theory so far, and if you'll bear with me i'll get to it.

It all started 2 years ago during my first year of college. One of the courses I had taken was French. I enjoyed it as a subject before then but the new teachers had drained any fun there once was from it, like sucking milk from a coconut. As a concequence I became somewhat disruptive in class. The Head of Faculty Mr. H extracted me from a lesson one day to tell me that effectively he was going to kick me off the course and that I should go and see him at the end of the day. The day passed and my encounter with him had completely passed my mind. I went home without talking to him. I continued to complete the course (Eventually failing it) without hearing another word about it.

Avoid Conflict. Arguing with people over petty differences is a complete waste of time. I myself am easy going but not everyone is. I often find people that desperately need to have their own way at any cost and I've developed a system of dealing with them, it's not foolproof but it's good. 1. Negotiate and Compromise - Talk to them on their level, don't obviously try and bend it your way, instead you should try and meet in the middle.
2. Use Logic, Reasoning and avoid Conjecture - If you can construct an valid explanation for what you want, and why they are completely wrong. I've often found this stops aggressors dead in their tracks. Try this out - Ask a Korn fan why their favourite band is good, with legitimate reasoning and most of them stare at you dumbfounded. That or say "They're really good so shut up".
3. If by this point people still aren't listening Ask Again Later

If you are a disgruntled Korn fan and actually have some genuine reasons why Korn (or "Nu Metal" bands in general) are so great, let me know and I'll be happy to prove you wrong.
If you want to talk about anything I have noded or have written about here /msg me
If you want to enlighten me with any random stuff or whatever, go right ahead.