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Cream of the Cool

Solitarot is a solitaire-esque game played with a standard deck of Tarot cards. It is similar to Aces Up, but utilizes five piles instead of four. I learned the game tonight upon the arrival of my tarot deck, and played for a while. It's good fun.

How to play

Lay down five cards on the table, face-up. If two or more cards are of the same suit, discard the highest card until only one card of the suit remains. For example; if there is a seven of swords and a two

"We write to you as friends, neighbours and Englishmen, concerning Queen Mary’s declared intention to marry a foreigner, and request you to join us to prevent this. We swear to you before God that we seek no harm to the Queen, but merely wish her better advice. Our wealth and health depend on it. A hundred armed Spaniards have already arrived at Dover and travelled through Kent on their way to London. We require you to assemble with as much support as possible, to help us

Congratulations, Tessie!

Not too many words this time, unlike my last daylog. Tessie graduated with a Master's Degree! I made it in time for the ceremony, no thanks to Amtrak's eight-hour delay and having to get on a bus to finish the journey from Portland and my phone not working for the entire trip.

To the main event! Video link to her actual moment inthe spotlight is here, but the opening speeches are

"Kronk" is the name of a candy bar sold throughout Central America, and which I encountered in Costa Rica. According to the packaging of the bar I have in front of me (and which I have been carrying for over two months), it is made by the Marisela company, although the actual manufacturing is by the Bimbo company, a large bakery brand across all of Latin America. I am not sure which company owns which or is a brand of which. To be honest, this is the first time I have thought of it.