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Cream of the Cool

Let of speak of Eowyn, Niece of Theoden, Shield Maiden of Rohan, slayer of the Witch King of Angmar. The film version.

And how the shield she picks up is a prop much too thick and heavy for proper use.

Admittedly, you can see the classic round-shield grip on the back, but otherwise the thing looks like some primitive wheel. Some early-bronze-age solid wooden wheel with some kind of axle cap still attached.


Sonnet of the WeekMay 30, 2020

George Floyd Died for Our Sin

Events tumble this week, out of control.
Murder, the virus, inaction, despair.
Which way to turn, with no apparent goal?
It’s plain to see—we live an old nightmare.

George Floyd—we can’t pronounce his name enough.
He died being the wrong color, you know.

Coos County is a county in the U.S. state of Oregon. Located on the southern Oregon coast, it is bordered by Curry County to the south and Douglas County to the north and east. The county's primary industries are timber, fishing, tourism, and agriculture.

The name "Coos" is derived from one of the area's indigenous tribes, and has two meanings: "lake" and "place of pines." Sir Francis Drake was beleived to have sought shelter for his ship around…

In May, as part of the annual science-fiction quest, I read 13 novels published by Ace. Or six and one-half volumes (one of the volumes, which contained The Rithian Terror, had a collection of short stories for its other side, and I excluded that). These books were sent to my randomly. Due to Covid-19 quarantines,and our local bookstore being closed to the public, I sent them an e-Mail asking for all their Ace Double novels, and they sent me a package with…