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Alton is the town in Ontario, Canada that I live in. It is about an hour north of Toronto by car, and has a population in the area of 2000. Needless to say, it is a very small town. It contains one major subdivision, and a number of older houses.

It is very historical, containing buildings from the 1800's, such as a Mill (currently under restoration as an Artist's Studio), a very nostalgic Schoolhouse and, up until a recent bad decision by city council, a Horse and Carriage Factory.

Commercially, Alton is very bleak. It contains three antique stores, a bakery, a general store, a restaurant/inn popular for honeymoons and other vacations, a very small apartment building and, for some very odd reason, a Web Design company.

Alton is about 5 minutes from the nearby town of Orangeville, which is actually the fastest growing town in Ontario. It is a standard town, with a small mall and far too many fast food restaurants. Altonites rely on Orangeville for survival and entertainment.

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