It is difficult to characterize the DC Comics character Ambush Bug as either a villain or a hero, as he has been both. Mainly, the character has served as to put the "comic" back into "comic books," even from his first appearance in DC Comics Presents #52.

The man in the bug suit is actually Irwin Schwab. His actual origin is lost amidst his antics. In his first story, his suit was electronic and allowed him to teleport to and from any location where he had placed an electronic "bug." He used this to fight both Superman and the Doom Patrol. Later, Schwab gained this ability himself after putting a screwdriver in the wrong place while repairing one of his bugs and the electrical shock transfered the ability to him. In later stories, Schwab states that he found the suit when it was lost from by an interstellar laundry service. In a homage to Superman, the suit's origin has also been tied to a scientist from another planet who, when faced with the destruction of his planet, decided to save his wardrobe rather than his family by rocketing it into space.

Schwab became obsessed with the Man of Steel, becoming a thorn in Superman's side for many years. Ambush Bug's adventures have broken most of the comic book rules, lampooning the whole of comicdom and even breaking the cardinal rule of comicdom, never going back to previous panels. During his adventures, he has been killed, sent to Hell, and swallowed by a giant koala bear. His sidekick and adopted son was a doll Ambush Bug named Cheeks the Boy Wonder

Ambush Bug was created by Keith Giffen.

Thanks to Quizro for additional insight into Ambush Bug's origin.

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