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Led by Imperial Wizard Jeff Berry and based in Butler, IN, the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan give their motto as "equal rights for all, special rights for none." They list a number of seemingly-innocent values: "that every American has the right to practice their faith, including prayer in schools," and "that the law of the land should always be upheld." They also list a few more controversial beliefs: "that abortion should be outlawed, except in the very rare case in which the life of the mother is endangered" and "that all immigration should cease until all Americans are gainfully employed, and troops should be positioned at all borders to stop the flow of illegal aliens." All this, of course, is quite deceptive. At rallies held across the country, Berry and his followers deliberately attempt to arouse hatred in the listening audience, and will stop just short of criminal charges for inciting a riot. Former members who have splintered into their own groups have described Berry as a PR man only interested in raising money and putting on a good show. Perhaps the most alarming element of the American Knights is their tendency to shout "White Power!" at every opportunity while giving the salute good Nazi party members gave to Hitler. Also disturbing is the first value on their list: "that the White race is the irreplaceable hub of our nation, our faith, and the high levels of western culture and technology." To join, individuals must be American citizens (they do allow fully naturalized foreigners), Caucasian and Christian, and a believer in White separatism and the Constitution.

Sources: http://www.americanknights.com/ and the Discovery Channel program Inside the KKK: Faces of Hate

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