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These are the ships that were at Pearl Harbor during the attack. Ships marked with a # were sunk and those with a* were within 12 miles of Oahu but not actually within the main base of Pearl. They are sorted by class of ship as listed in the United States Navy records.

    Battleships (BB)
    Pennsylvania (BB-38) (in drydock)
    # Arizona (BB-39)
    Nevada (BB-36)
    # Oklahoma (BB-37)
    Tennessee (BB-43)
    # California (BB-44)
    Maryland (BB-46)
    # West Virginia (BB-48)
    Heavy Cruisers(CA)
    New Orleans (CA-32)
    San Francisco (CA-38)
    Light Cruisers (CL)
    Raleigh (CL-7)
    Detroit (CL-8)
    Phoenix (CL-46)
    Honolulu (CL-48)
    St. Louis (CL-49)
    Helena (CL-50
    Destroyers (DD)
    Allen (DD-66)
    Schley (DD-103)
    Chew (DD-106)
    * Ward (DD-139) (patrolling Channel entrance to Pearl Harbor)
    Dewey (DD-349)
    Farragut (DD-348)
    Hull (DD-350)
    MacDonough (DD-351)
    Worden (DD-352)
    Dale (DD-353)
    Monaghan (DD-354)
    Aylwin (DD-355)
    Selfridge (DD-357)
    Phelps (DD-360)
    Cummings (DD-365)
    Reid (DD-369)
    Case (DD-370)
    Conyngham (DD-371)
    Cassin (DD-372) (in drydock)
    Shaw (DD-373) (in floating drydock)
    Tucker (DD-374)
    Downes (DD-375) (in drydock) Bagley (DD-386)
    Blue (DD-387)
    Helm (DD-388)
    Mugford (DD-389)
    Ralph Talbot (DD-390)
    Henley (DD-391)
    Patterson (DD-392)
    Jarvis (DD-393)
    Submarines (SS) Narwhal (SS-167)
    Dolphin (SS-169)
    Cachalot (SS-170)
    Tautog (SS-199)
    Minelayer (CM)
    # Oglala (CM-4)
    Minesweeper (AM)
    Turkey (AM-13)
    Bobolink (AM-20)
    Rail (AM-26)
    Tern (AM-31)
    Grebe (AM-43)
    Vireo (AM-52)
    Coastal Minesweeper (Amc)
    Cockatoo (Amc-8)
    Crossbill (Amc-9)
    Condor (Amc-14)
    Reedbird (Amc-30)
    Destroyer Minelayer (DM)
    Gamble (DM-15)
    Ramsay (DM-16)
    Montgomery (DM-17)
    Breese (DM-18)
    Tracy (DM-19)
    Preble (DM-20)
    Sicard (DM-21)
    Pruitt (DM-22)
    Zane (DMS-14)
    Wasmuth (DMS-15)
    Trever (DMS-16)
    Perry (DMS-17)
    Patrol Gunboat (PG)
    Sacramento (PG-19)
    Destroyer Tender (AD)
    Dobbin (AD-3)
    Whitney (AD-4)
    Seaplane Tender (AV) Curtiss (AV-4)
    Tangier (AV-8)
    Small Seaplane Tender (AVP)
    Avocet (AVP-4)
    Swan (AVP-7) (on marine railway dock)
    Seaplane Tender, Destroyer (AVD)
    Hulbert (AVD-6)
    Thornton (AVD-11)
    Ammunition Ship (AE)
    Pyro (AE-1)
    Oiler (AO)
    Ramapo (AO-12)
    Neosho (AO-23)
    Repair Ship (AR)
    Medusa (AR-1)
    Vestal (AR-4)
    Rigel (AR-11)
    Submarine Tender (AS)
    Pelias (AS-14)
    Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR)
    Widgeon (ASR-1)
    Hospital Ship (AH)
    Solace (AH-5)
    Cargo Ship (AK)
    * Vega (AK-17) (at Honolulu)
    Stores Issue Ship (AKS)
    Castor (AKS-1)
    * Antares (AKS-3) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)
    Ocean Tug (AT)
    Ontario (AT-13)
    Sunnadin (AT-28)
    * Keosanqua (AT-38) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)
    * Navajo (AT-64) (12 miles outside Pearl Harbor entrance)
    Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG)
    # Utah (AG-16)
    Argonne (AG-31)
    Sumner (AG-32)

    This information is publicaly available at http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq66-2.htm

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