because the trend these days is toward huge mega-corporations, and the fact that sony has good name brand recognition i think we will all end up having sony envelope us in the near future.

think about how much of your life is already done with a sony.

you get the general idea. this trend toward the eventual sony-rules-the-world scenario can only be a bad ending. what else is a company going to do when they control every piece of electronics you interface with on a day-to-day basis? wasn't this what george orwell wrote about in 1984?

on the other hand, you might end up with a very comical lifestyle:

"honey, i am going to drive the sony over to the sony with sony for a little sony. i'll be back around 10, so make sure my sony is ready to be sonied. thanks sony! err, honey!"

Rather than Orwell's vision of the future, this idea reminds me more of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and how the people praised "our Ford". Imagine:

"Honey, I'm home!"

"Why so early, dear?"

"Well, I plotted out a quicker route with the radio traffic report and the GPS, video conferenced with some people across town instead of driving over for a meeting, and managed to fend off the mutants with my ray gun."

"Thank Sony!"

And the person who spoke last would be right - it would all be thanks to Sony's fine electronics. Everything* would be thanks to Sony.

*The kind that encompasses all things, not the kind you're reading right now.

Maybe Sony will rule the world one day, but the reason is that their stuff works, works well and works well for a long time. I have a reel to reel tape recorder I bought new almost 30 years ago, it still works fine. We have Sony TV, Sony Walkman, CD player (no vibrators, yet), Playstation. Everything just keeps doing their job unless you sit on it or a small child breaks off a knob. Can the same be said for American made products? Want a good camera, buy a 30 year old Nikon. Want a good motor vehicle? Buy a Honda. Want crap? Buy American.

Maybe not everyone will do this, but I will certainly drive my Sony everywhere. Some unknown force has compelled me to strive to own all things Sony. I get the SonyStyle catalog twice a year, and when I open it, I notice that I already own most of the items in it.

My list of Sony products:

I only wish I knew I was compelled to this. It's an addiction which costs far too money and may one day cause me loss of life.

Is it just me or does Sony appear to have a little more control of this world than the Greys(another topic I won’t get into here). I mean if you really look at it, Sony is more involved in our lives right now the our damn parents! If you open up your computer and look at most of the chips on the boards, who makes them... SONY. I’m willing to bet you everything I own, that most of the chips used in military equipment around the world is also... SONY. Satellites are no exception, without you seeing a thing there could be someone following your every step from... Sony. With all this said Sony could vary well be a mask for a world wide empire that we are all unwilling citizens(or slaves) of. There is also the possibility that they are monitoring and controlling the world economy and what our own governments know. Communication could be changed, because Sony has it’s hands shoved all the way up the assess of anything technological and could be controlling all of technology like a damn puppet. People say that the U.S.A. is the most powerful force (controlled by humans) in the whole world. But I say it’s Sony, I mean if the Big Chief at their main branch over in Japan really wanted to, they could take over the US military and use it to say... annex Canada(Heaven forbid cause’ I’m Canadian and damn proud of it!) or fire off a few nukes just because they thought it would be neeto. Being that they could possibly control all satellites they could change transmissions and coverup anything from anyone that they wanted. And because they are a company and not a country no other nations have thought of sending any spies to check out their doings. A company running the world, what a perfect way to do it! It’s all our own doing too, if people weren’t so damn into technology we wouldn’t have Sony. All in all I think that Sony has too much power and that by now they have gone to far to be stopped, well maybe not yet but soon. I’m beginning to think that I may have said to much already, for if this is true they could be monitoring everything we do. Well in closing I’d just like to say, the future is Sony because that’s the way we made it. In no way is this meant to be factual, and I actually rather enjoy many Sony products. This is just a possibility.

Sony are also the only manufacturer in Britain who have their own high street shops, the 'Sony Centres'. These sell all things Sony (well, maybe not sex aids, but it's only a matter of time), concentrating on the electronic entertainment products like TV's and Hi-Fi's. Interestingly they never seem to stock either the PlayStations 1 or 2.

Sony manage to retain a rigid grip on the control of their high street prices by forcing other suppliers to enter into (possibly unfair) contracts, stating that they will not undercut the Sony specified price. This means that Sony products are almost universally priced at a pre-determined level.

I’m sure it won’t be long before they start to seem more like Daewoo (apart from being bust) or Mitsubishi and make cars, and cranes and microwaves (if they don’t already). You’ll be cutting your lawn with your Sony while listening to your Sony through your Sony’s. oh dear.

I’m not criticising Sony, ok I am, but only their marketing practices and even then not much, not their products, which are almost always robust, reliable and of high quality.

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