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Up until now, you may have thought nothing of sitting down in front of your TV, loading a CD into your Playstation, and whiling away time playing your favourite video game. I urge you to read this essay and rethink how you spend your time and the consequences...

Sony Playstation - A Tool of the Devil?

Sony Corporation's PSX or 'Playstation' game console is among the most popular home game systems in the world. Millions world-wide own and use them daily. Although some groups see them as detrimental to young people's mental development, they are generally perceived as harmless entertainment for the whole family. But are they really so harmless? Mabe the NID can help you decide. Read on...

Everyone is familiar with the old adage "an idle mind is the devil's playground". But how true is this, in reality? In the Malleus Maleficarum on the Inquisition we find that "ever and anon the souls of the addled and distracted are the fodder of hell's naughty denizens"(x). If we look deeper, there is actually no end of compelling scientific evidence to support this theory.

Meditation has been used since the dawn of civilisation by most Eastern cultures as a way of acheiving spiritual enlightenment. Most forms of meditation involve remaining physically still and allowing the mind to empty, closing off from one's surroundings. In this way, a state of spiritual transcendence may supposedly be achieived. In fact in most forms of transcendental meditation the body assumes a state very similar to sleep. The brain's beta waves reach a peak and the alpha waves dwindle to almost nothing. At this point the mind has let down all of its psychic defenses and is highly vulnerable to attack by non-corporeal entities. In this way one may fall victim to supernatural influence or even demonic possession. In the Middle Ages there existed a supersititious belief in this nocturnal vulnerability, which was refered to as 'the Terror of the Night'.

The Playstation gamers unknowingly (perhaps) adopt a physical and psychic posture akin to certain types of transcendental meditation. The "Sparrow Thumb" meditation technique, which has been used by Buddhist monks in Tibet and parts of China since the twelfth century, involves gazing fixedly ahead. The entire body remains completely motionless with the sole exception of the thumbs, which are extended in from the abdomen and moved in a series of rapid unconscious patterns. The Wu Tao monks believe that Sparrow Thumb meditation, if practiced for several hours, is the best way to become compeltely transcendendant. Strangely, the Sparrow Thumb posture parallels dnace movements used by Haiti voodoo cultists as part of rituals in which they claim to become possessed by non-corporeal spirits. I am currently in the early stages of a study which I hope will demonstrate that prolonged Playstation gaming invokes a meditative state in which the brain's beta waves mimic those of deep sleep.

Jean-Baptise D'Arentois, writing in the seventeenth century, told of a global conspiracy against mankind. He theorised that agents of the infernal realm had been active on Earth since the days of the Greek city-states, attempting to undermine the existing order. Arentois drew upon evidence from numerous sources, the writing of Pentikos of Thebes in particular. He carried on Pentikos' conention that the forces of the Underworld were endeavouring to remove human civilisation to clera the way for their own new order, the polis demonika. Arentois adapted this phrase to fit Christian theory, coining the phrase 'satane polite' (lit. satan polity), which was used by many subsequent French inquisitors and witch-smellers.

There is overwhelming evidence of this internal conspiracy in every corner of the world - even our own little corner. In August of 1997, the price of a standard PSX console here in New Zealand was lowered the NZ$230. During the same month, the price of silver dropped to NZ$8.90 an ounce. So a Sony Playstation was worth the same as approximately 25.8 ounces of silver. According to the research of Leopold Fleischman(x), the average weight of the silver shekel used in Judea was exactly 0.86 ounces. This means that the Sony Playstation today (Ed. - currently not correct) costs the equivalent of 30 pieces of silver - the very amount Judas Iscariot was paid to betray Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why are Playstation disks black? Because they echo the black host, consecrated with human blood, used in satanic black mass the world over. During these masses, a prayer is usually spoken in honour of Asmodai or Belial, in a twisted parody of the Catholic Eucharist. This litany will always be accompanied by the satanic salute which is performed with the left hand - the deliberate opposite of genuflection. The black litany begins: "By my left had I move you and by my words I abjure you, O Dark Lord and Master..." By my left hand I move you. Anyone who was seen or used (or been used by) a Playstation can tell you that the directional or 'movement' controls are operated with the left hand.

As we have seen, much of satanist practice is based on Catholic doctrine. Somtimes this can involved cunning use of word alteration, such as reversal and anagrams. Closer inspection of certain words suggests that Sony had more than fun and games on their minds when they conceived this unholy device. By re-arranging the letters in 'Sony Playstation' we get 'yon satanist ploy'. A hidden warning? Similarly, 'Playstation' is an anagram of 'satan polity' - a blatant reference to Jean-Baptiste D'Arentois's feared infernal conspiracy?

In occult practice, signs and symbols have always been very important. Arcane inscriptions are part of most black magic rituals. If we look closely at the four symbols Playstation, the circle, the square, the triangle, and the cross, we see echoes of some sinister occult sigils. For example, could the innocent-looking purple cross be, apart from a fiendishly subtle allusion to the inverted Christian cross, a clever variation on the symbol of Yog-Sothoth, The Master of the Gate to Chaos?

Also, by combining the circle (blood red, of course) and the cross, we can easily get the personal sigil of Shub-Niggurath, The Great Black Goat of the Woods.

Already we have found in the symbolism of Playstation references to two of the Great Old Ones, ancient occult Gods. This is just barely scratching the surface, yet how can even this much be mere coincidence?

Note: this essay is intended as humour. In fact I myself have spent many an hour playing Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII through to the end.

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