An extremely cool-looking gemstone; a quartz crystal where one end is purple and the other is yellow. Since purple quartz is called amethyst and yellow quartz is called citrine, a crystal of both kinds is given the combination name of ametrine.

A very powerful stone for gem work; it combines the properties of amethyst and citrine to form a stone that naturally has the duality balance. It has the feminine receptive healing (goddess) qualities of amethyst and the masculine projective power (god) aspects of citrine. It is an innately powerful stone anyways, since quartz varients are naturally attuned and ideal for gemwork, being energy-malleable and chargeable, but ametrine is *especiallly* so since it is one of the only existing stones that has the *balance* innate within it. Its power is also increased by the purple/gold-yellow balance; as opposites on the color wheel, the color pair resonates and amplifies what was already there.

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