An excellent heirloom tomato. Indeterminate paste variety, produces roughly 75 days from transplant, 6-8 ounce fruits are common.

Amish Paste can be traced back to Wisconsin the 1870's, although the plant was rediscovered in Pennsylvania near Amish territory--hence the name--and reintroduced to the market in 1987 by Seed Savers Exchange.

Amish Paste is has the normal elongated shape of most paste tomatoes, although the fruits are often larger than other pastes (12 ounce fruits are not unheard of).  Some do not consider it a true "paste tomato" since it is larger and juicier than most pastes, but it is still is a nearly seedless, meaty, rich flavored tomato.  It is great in salads or on pizza, although most people use it for making sauces and others dry it.  It is a reliable grower, even in rough conditions. 

This tomato is my personal favorite paste and cooking tomato. It has a lot more flavor than many paste varieties (most are fairly bland in my opinion), and is a lot less fussy about its care. I mostly use it for making pasta sauces.


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