Among strangers who will say so many things to fill our ears, we will feel more comfortable than we do when we are alone. Among people we barely know, you will breathe life again. I will be witty again. Our stories will surprise even our selves.

See the smile on my face? It's been a while, hasn't it? And the light that's in your eyes, my God, I had almost forgotten what beautiful eyes you have. And you, you are looking at me in that old way, the wink, the grin, the small reminders that I am loved.

The crowd invigorates and stirs the blood. Noise, yes sometimes there is comfort found in the din of a gathering. We are not together and yet never apart. Opposite sides of the room and yet we have not been this close in some time.

Tell me, love, why is it that we no longer find this in each other alone?

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