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Could you have danced with me?
by Robert Hailman, 2002.

I'll never forget
The driving rhythm
The pounding beat
Of remix,
on remix,
on remix.

A culture you and I
could never understand,
and I was there to understand alone.

A crowded room.
A thousand friends.
The flashing lights,
The world on fire,
And we danced.

Could you have danced with me?

"Could you have danced with me?" is a poem I've had lying around for a little while now. I wrote it after the my school's semi-formal last week, which I didn't attend.

What does it mean? I can't be 100% sure. It's partly regret, that I didn't go, and a few girls I've had my eye on did. It's partly... it's partly a lot of things. It comes out of a situation that I myself don't fully understand, and I won't try to explain here.

It is what it is, dig?

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