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A male genital piercing that runs horizontally through the penis.

Most ampallang piercings are done through the glans, but ampallang piercings have been performed even at the base of the penis, and everywhere in between. Ampallang piercings are normally pierced with a surgical stainless steel barbell that is measured to fit snugly with the penis when erect. Normal starting gauges range from 14ga to 8ga, but 12ga or 10ga is the best for a fresh ampallang from a healing and comfort standpoint.

Tapering, or stretching, an ampallang piercing is possible, but should only be performed about once a year to allow the piercing to heal. Ampallangs at 00ga and inch sizings have been seen, although this is very rare due to the extreme pain of the tapering process. When the ampallang piercing is performed, the pain is unbearable by some clients, resulting in fainting or vomiting, but these cases are rare.

Ampallang piercing can be performed through the urethra, referred to as 'trans-urethral', or above or below the urethera. Trans-urethral ampallangs heal much faster than 'normal' ampallang piercings, due to the fact that urine, a natural healer, can flow over the piercing. Trans-urethral piercings also let more air flow over the piercing, resulting in a piercing that is less likely to become infected, and heals faster. Trans-urethral piercings are ideal in most cases, unless the client already has other jewelry in the way, or a special reason (ie, prince's wand or other urethral play item).

While ampallang piercings can be fitted with a ring (captive bead, circular barbell, etc), this is not suggested as a barbell fits the natural shape of the penis better than a ring. Also, rings should not be used if the ampallang is smaller than 10ga. Barbells should be measured before piercing, by marking the penis and using calipers to measure the maximum width of the penis when erect. If a barbell is too long, complications could occur during intercourse, and a barbell that is too short will result in discomfort when the penis is erect. The barbell should be flush with the erect penis, and the bar should not be visible (only the balls). It is not a very good idea to use spikes, charms, or anything other than balls for obvious reasons. Condoms should always be used during intercourse with any kind of genital piercings, even in a monogamous relationship. Cleaning of the piercing after sex is also a very good idea. 'Pleasure Plus' condoms have extra room for jewelry, and are ideal for ampallang piercings. If there is any discomfort during sex with an ampallang piercing, it is advisable to use a waterbased lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly, inside and outside of the condom. Removing the jewelry to suit sex partners who are uncomfortable with the idea of genital piercings is fine, but make sure that the jewelry is not out of the body for an extended period of time. Also, when having sex, avoid losing an erection during intercourse, because the excess length of the barbell on the flaccid penis can cause discomfort for the female genitalia on removal.

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