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Come, let us harken to hell.
There shall be wine there, and loose women -
Think of the stories we'd tell!

We'll wander amid marketplaces,
Sampling spice and delicious odors -
Surround ourselves with stranger's faces,

Novels and flesh - oh, we'll partake
Of the sin of life, and the sinner's grief
We'll gamble away, heedless of ache.

Yes, my friend, let us harken to hell.
The fires there will warm our hearts
So cruelly trapped in our mortal shell.

The air will be thick with sulphur -
We shall tumble into dense volcanoes -
And between laughter recount adventure

Rolling Sisyphus' boulder in his sleep.
Oh, my friend, my friend, let me take you to hell -
To all the wondrous places terrible and deep

That we secretly long to visit some day.
Bring the elements of party, friend,
And I shall be with you all the way.

Hell is no hell, my friend,
So long as we are in hell together.

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