So ... I'm going to forgo my usual noding about noding for this daylog and just take the time to write about how I've been. I started taking a supplement called 5-HPT PLUS + 200mg + SEROTONIN SYTHESIZERS and it's the first thing in a while that kind of cuts through the feeling of moving underwater. 10mg of B6, 200mg of L-5 Hydroxytrytophan, 20mg L Tryptophan, and 50mg of S-Adenosyl Methionine has gotten me exercising semiregularly. I've gotten into the whole mindfulness craze a bit (more out of lifetime interest in phenomenology than a desire for self-improvement) and it's actually led to some interesting observations. People with untreated Parkinson's often lockup in doorways or other places of transition. The problems often begins in initiating new actions or switching actions. I usually don't have issues with completing tasks if I manage to start them but starting can be so difficult. It's like playing a video game with laggy controls, every action is just a bit grating at the onset. I can't help but draw the connection. There's a tiny mental gearshift that occurs hundreds of times a day when you move from one action to another and a tiny bit of mental friction that accompanies it. I think that mental friction is a lot closer to the average for me now.


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