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And what do you think?

And this, as nathan well knows, is unacceptable. And what do you think? Sit-ups won't help. Nor will that thing nikki and dan have in their living room ... in front of the television ... around the dog ... smell of fish in the hallway. Doesn't help at all. Asians, they say. (I know who they are ... they're French people!) But that's completely beside the point. And what do you think? A little collaboration may help. Dozen or so people picking their points and arranging their feelings into a synchronized set of experiences. A line here, a plot change there, someone to correct all the poor spelling maybe. Pretty soon you've fifty pages of verse and a story bogged down somewhere in dakota territory. And what do you think? A little Spring may help. She was here for awhile but then she tired of all the humanity and took a short vacation herself. When next she came I slapped her around a few times, tied her down and fucked her right into an early Summer ... the humanity? Indeed. Scott watched with a half eaten apple in his hand. And what do you think? Repetition? Just a touch, thanks. It's all we have left, it would seem, that and symmetry. One hand washing the other until the hot water runs out and then ... begin with the drying already. I've had enough. (this is unacceptable) And what do you think? So glad to hear from you. It's been years. Can't talk now, gotta run. Nice teeth. And so the story continues ... in other words ... in light of the recent changing of events we've seen here today ... love to, can't. And what do you think? It's the little things that make the difference. Rabbits on railroad tracks. Directions to the men's room. Sun-dried tomato bagels. An official-weight baseball with a super-computer inside that tells you how far you throw it ... retail price $1299.99. Birthday cards. And what do you think? How would I know? I don't actually read my mail anymore but I do save it. I shrug and comment to myself with words like "quaint" and "trite" and "curious" or sometimes (if i'm feeling up to it) "catchy." Sometimes I send out one word messages like "irk" And what do you think? What have I done? Nothing. An unedited experiment. A quick venture into flash in the pan writing. And the results?


And what do you think?

(Do your shoes fit right??

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