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A funny phrase used when someone is being very annoying.


Annoying Girl: Hey, um, you're like, in my History class aren't you?
Me: Yeah.
Annoying Girl: Did you do the homework last night?
Me: Yeah.
Annoying Girl: Cool! Can I borrow it?
Me: No.
Annoying Girl: <Shocked and indignant> What!?!?
Me: No, you can't copy my homework.
Annoying Girl: But...but...but I'm cute and easy.
Me: Sorry.
Annoying Girl: <Bats eyelashes> Oh come on! Pretty please!
Me: Nope.
Annoying Girl: Why not?
Me: 'Cause that'd be cheating.
Annoying Girl: Oh come on! It's not cheating. Come on! Please.
Me: <Looks at friend> And that's when I shot her, Your Honor.
Annoying Girl: <Looks confused. Walks away>

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