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Previn is a conductor, composer, and a pianist - to be sure, a man with a strong musical grounding and background. He took A Streetcar Named Desire and turned it into an opera in three acts. This opera premiered in 1998 in San Francisco to great critical acclaim. It was even parodied by the Simpsons, if that counts for anything. Subsequent, PBS telecast it, and Deutsche Grammophon made a recording.

For his many talents, Previn has won many awards and accolades, including Germany's Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit and America's Kennedy Centre Honour for Lifetime Achievement. Streetcar won him a Grammy Award for "best chamber music recording".

Beginning in 2003, Previn continues his illustrious career as the music director of the Oslo Philharmonic.

In addition to his Oslo duties, Previn appears regularly as a guest conductor with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna and Salzburg festivals, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

In the past, Previn has held chief artistic posts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, been the music director and chief conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. music director and conductor laureate of the London Symphony Orchestra.

In the spring of 2003, Previn will present a piece commissioned by Carnegie Hall, for the Emerson String Quartet. Additionally, he is currently writing his second opera, based on the novel Silk by Alessandro Baricco.

Previn's career has been very polific - his recordings span over 50 years. Some of his recent works have been performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, and notable is a cello composition especially for Yo-Yo Ma.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded Previn a Knighthood (KBE) in 1996.

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