Boats are from Rafina and take about three hours. The ferryboat goes to Gavrio. The Hermes Flying Dolphin goes to Batsi which is touristy but fun. Lots of activities and some great restaurants, particularly in the small villages in the hills above. The best place is the main town of Andros on the other side of the island. No cars are allowed in the village which juts out on a peninsula between two long beaches. There is a shipping museum and an excellent art museum there. Because of the wealth of the village, tourism is not encouraged. Good reason to go there. Renting a car is recommended. This is a beautiful, green island that even has a small river or two. The main port offers daily ferry and catamaran connections to Tinos, Syros and Mykonos. This is one of my favorite islands, as it is close to the mainland, and large enough to offer new areas to explore. The hiking is good, and the swimming is excellent. The fact that it's just a three hour boat ride means that you can hop on a boat on Friday after work, and chill out for a day or two, and be back on time for work on Monday morning.


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