A band from somewhere just outside London, Animals That Swim inhabit the strange but comfortingly mundane space between indiepop, light jazz and slacker street poetry: jangly guitars and dreamy trumpet providing the backdrop for down-to-earth tales of the beauty (or otherwise) of everyday life and dreams of escaping it.

Lineup is:

Partial discography (with full details only for the records I have):

  1. Pink Carnations
  2. Kandy Kars
  3. New Boots
  4. Harry Dean
  5. Del Fresco
  • "I Was The King I Really Was The King" album on Elemental, 1996
  • "Happiness from a Distant Star", album on Snowstorm, 2001.
    More upbeat in general, with added piano and a distinct swing feel to many of the tracks, and the same blend of daydreaming and cameo-like songs.
    1. All Your Stars are Out
    2. Sixteen Letters
    3. Dirt
    4. Homunculus
    5. The Moon and the Mothership
    6. The Last Thing You Said To Me
    7. The Bathtube
    8. Sing and Rejoice, Fortune is Smiling on You
    9. Mackie's Wake
    10. Happiness From A Distant Star
    11. Seven Days
    12. A Good Day for Everyone
    13. Voices from Beyond The Grave

    More info at:

    • http://www.oms.com/bigpop/animalsthatswim/bio.html
    • http://www.indian.co.uk/cgi-bin/oli/artist.pl%3Fartist%3D129+Animals+that+Swim&hl=en

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