A great man admired by many. Though he is a man who felt that he had no worth at all. A man who struggled to find "La raison d'etre", the reason for existence, the reason that allows one to exist. He expressed his deepest personal feelings through the only outlet he had left in life: animation.

He is best known for creating the Gospel of the New Century, Neon Genesis Evangelion. An anime so powerful it will leave you pondering its deeper implications long after you have finished watching it.

Born May 22, 1960 in Ube city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Anno was the co-founder of Daicon Film in 1982. Two years later on Christmas Eve 1984, Gainax was founded which replaced Daicon Film.

Primary diet consists of Sapporo Brand Barbecue Potato Chips and pizza with tomatoes as the only topping. After those comes beer. His erudition in tokusatsu is vast, and can be seen clearly in his animation work. In a previous life, he was Ultraman.- GAINAX Company Information Glossary

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