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is a town in the south of Spain. It is about 100 km inland from Malaga, and yet you can get amazing fresh fish there every day of the week (except Sunday). During the post-christmas/new year period 2003 myself and 10 other friends went on a two week climbing trip to this region of Spain. We stayed in a hamlet about 15km from Antequera and visited the larger town a few times.

It is a delightful place founded, I think, by the Romans. It has great tapas, and higgledy piggeldy streets. The 17th century churches were decorated with funds generated from plundering the New World and tell immense stories about the hold of religion on the people at that time.

If you go to visit be sure to visit the churches. Just on the edge of the town is a small park with a Roman burial site. An old man will bring you through a hole in the fence and tell you about them, for a modest contribution, if you please!

I was inspired to write a short series of poems about Andalusia and the first of these is about this town.

Antequera -

White patches of buildings cast hard against the mountainside
  A weight of their numbers
   A wave of them, a wave of them breaking
 hard on the mountainside
My sight is cluttered by Antequera.

The Casas, clustered together,
no line left unbroken
shoehorned onto every corner
wedged down onto every flat patch
clinging like goats, precipitous Antequera
Your buildings have barnacled themselves onto bedrock 

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