A person who actively engages in trying to get member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to quit, or to stop non-members from joining. Anti-Mormons tend to be what I would call Bible Fundamentalists. They don't believe in any particular flavor of Christianity, but just that the Bible is infallible and that one should get all truth from it.
s alanet: As my defnition states, I (a real live Mormon!) only use the term anti-mormon for someone who actively fights the Church. As in seeking out Mormons and trying to get them to leave the Church. I think this practice to be more odd than bad. I don't see any of the things you listed as criteria to being anti-Mormon. I think it's great if you have strong enough religious beliefs to discuss them.

Jinmyo: Heh, I think he was joking. You can readily indentify a Mormon missionary by their tag.

Signs That You May Be An Anti-Mormonite (in order of intensity)

When they show up at your door, you...

  1. ... get religion.
  2. ... listen politely, then slam the door.
  3. ... argue in a mature and reasonable way their beliefs, trying to disprove them.
  4. ... mock them.

You hear that your neighborhood is the primary target for all mormons in the area. You...

  1. ... continue to watch television.
  2. ... refuse to answer the door.
  3. ... answer the door with shotgun in hand.
  4. ... let the dogs loose.

This node is both anti-mormon in its assumptions and its content. I planned it this way. As jinmyo notices, TWAJS.

Apparently, Mormons are well aware of these sentiments.

Years ago I worked in an Embassy where my boss was a Mormon. He told me that as part of missionary training, Mormons are required to go door-to-door for a time, spreading the “Truth”. When he was doing this, he would ring people's doorbells and if they seemed receptive, would go into his speech; if they responded unfavorably, he would always wave his hands in the air, back off, and say, "It's okay, it's okay, I'm a Jehovah's Witness" and walk away.

Was he pulling my leg? No, though he laughed about this when he told me about it. He'd come very close to being punched out on his second or third expedition. He really didn't like making people mad, didn't like missionary work either, so he found what was for him a humorous way of ending an argument.

I remember wondering just how many of the Jehovah's Witnesses I’d encountered were actually Mormons.

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