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Anybody Out There? is Burlap to Cashmere's debut album and currently only album. A good entry into CCM, Contemporary Christian Music, the band provides an unique blend of Cletic/Folk in the Christian Music

Burlap to Cashmere started as Steven Delopoulos: Lead Vocals, Guitar; John Phillippids: Guitar, Vocals; Josh Zandman: Keyboards; Theodore Pagano: Drums; Robby Guarnera: Bass, Background Vocals; Mike Ernst: Guitar, Background Vocals and Scott Barksdale: Percussion. Howerver after the release of Anbody Out There? the band went through some dark and trying times.

In fact, thing go downright ugly.... One of the band members, Josh Zandman, left the band and created his own website dedicated to the band where wild rumors were posted that the band was breaking up. This was not the case, in fact, the band was just changing.

The songs in this album are:

    Digee Dime
    Eileen's Song
    Basic Instructions
    Chop Chop
    Anybody Out There
    Treasures in Heaven
    Skin Is Burning
    Good Man
    Ancient Man

The album was released in 1998 on Squint Entertainment, a part of A&M Records. And of course all rights reserved

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