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Literally translated from the original Korean as "front kick," the ap chuggi is one of three (or four,depending on who you ask) cardinal kicks in the martial art Tae Kwon Do. The traditional back-leg ap chuggi is composed of three steps.

1. Chambering the kick: Bring the back leg forward and up, bending the kicking knee and making sure that by the end of the chambering, the lifted foot is right next to the knee of the planted leg.
2. The snap: Once the kick is chambered, the actual action of kicking takes place. The foot should be snapped out quickly, and returned to a chambered position even faster. When kicking paddles, the toes should be pointed, however, in a sparring situation, the toes should be pulled back, making the ball of the foot the striking surface. As previously mentioned, after the snap, the foot should be returned to the same chambering position with the kicking knee bent and the foot resting near the planted knee BEFORE moving on to the third step.
3. Returning to rest: Once the foot is returned to the chambered position, it should then be returned to its original resting postion.

This node is intended to only be a definition. Please seek out real martial arts training if you have none before attempting this kick. Believe me, without proper training, you are more of a danger to yourself than anyone else.

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