The Fourth album by They Might Be Giants, and the second on Electra Records. Apollo 18 is considered by more fans than not to be TMBG's best album, and it coincides with the band's being named The Official Musical Ambassadors of International Space Year, which was a NASA program involving joint space travel between countries.

This also marked the last album the band recorded without prevalent session musicians.

They Might Be Giants' fourth studio album, released in 1992 on Elektra Records. This album is named for the last planned NASA mission to the moon, which was canceled.

The most notable feature of this album is the "song" Fingertips, which is a collection of short musical sequences ranging from a few seconds to about 30 seconds long. These are all recorded as separate tracks on the CD, and are intended for the random shuffle mode on some CD players, which will result in them getting interspersed between other songs. (But due to a production error, the songs appear as a single long track on the European release.)


Apollo 18 was the first of the three final Apollo space missions that were cancelled by NASA in 1970. To be completely precise, the mission originally designated Apollo 18 did take place under the name Apollo 17 following the cancellation of the original Apollo 15 mission and subsequent renumbering. After the successful moon missions and in the wake of the near-disaster of Apollo 13 the last three flights in the Apollo programme were prudently budgeted out of existence before something went really wrong. After all, NASA had made its point, won the race to the moon and allowed the United States' space programme to assert itself after a decade of Soviet leadership. Apollo 18's mission would have been to land in Copernicus Crater on the moon.

A mission often called Apollo 18 was really the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in which the first docking of Soviet and American spacecraft occurred. The American craft that took part in the project was an Apollo-type spacecraft nearly identical to the ones used in the lunar, and later in the Skylab, missions. That flight though, not being a lunar mission, was not part of the official Apollo sequence although Vance Brand, one of the astronauts expected to be part of the crew on the cancelled Apollo 18 mission, did take part.

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