This recipe, much simplified and modified by my Mum, is for a type of cake known (in Britain, at least) as a bread. It also belongs to a family of brown breads, the most famous of which (in Israel) is the honey cake. Finally, and perhaps uniquely for this type of cake, it can be made entirely without sugar (see notes).

If you go the sugarless route, be advised that it spoils very rapidly! Cut into several pieces and freeze, then keep the "current" piece refrigerated!! I reckon it at ~370 grammes of carbohydrates for the whole lot. A sugarless cake shouldn't be sweet! Instead, I add lots of spices...

The sugared version keeps for a very long time, and the taste actually improves after a few days.

Like any bread, you probably want to pour it out into a long tin.

Applesauce Bread



Mix (in a food processor) all the dry ingredients except the walnuts (and raisins, if using). Add while mixing: margarine, apple sauce, water; then add eggs. Add while *slowly* mixing (so as not to grind them!) nuts (and raisins, if using).

Bake at medium heat for about 40 minutes. As usual, it's ready when a toothpick comes out dry.

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