My ordeal with the mystery lump.

So, sometime in late January or early February I noticed a lump. But, how did I notice it you may ask? It felt like a loose needle that I left in my clothing was irritating the skin near my ribs (no, this isn't a breast lump, this is a penny sized lump just inferior my ribs in my abdominal cavity). I'd itch it, it'd hurt more when I poked at it, and eventually I noticed a lump.

I waited a while, 2 weeks or so, and the pain went away. And then, it came back. Insert the dramatic music. I went to my General Practitioner; now, when you go in with a painful lump (emphasis on painful), what do they do, but dig in your abdomen with an index finger until you want to cry! Well, she sent me over for blood work, because she wanted to discard liver or gallbladder issues. She sent me over to have an ultrasound done that day, again for liver and gallbladder issues. The ultrasound hurt a whole bunch. That's when the pain radiated over my entire belly, and not just my rib.

The tests yielded nothing, they were useless. So, she sent me to have a CAT scan done. Had to drink this nasty orange flavored snot and warm skim milk flavored concoction. Again, this test was to no avail. My lump (I named it Wilma) still hurt, so, what's next on the parade?

Today I had my consultation with a surgeon. My GP sent me to him because she wasn't sure what was wrong. He spent maybe 10 minutes with me, and is convinced my lump is either a small hernia or a lymphoma. He told me to wait several months, and if it still hurts come back. Well, now I know. Or something.

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