You know, I don't think it ever fully sunk in, just how much time and energy young men spend chasing pussy. It kinda starts to get old, hearing about it all the time. It bugs me, hearing someone talk about how he'd gladly fuck around on his wife, just because the girl he's regarding at that moment has great tits. Yeah, because that'll wash, when the wife finds out. Because that'll satisfy your kids when they want to know why they don't get to see Daddy anymore... Good grief.

I don't try to claim that the fact that I don't spend much (if any) time chasing skirts makes me superior, or anything. I know damn well why I don't, and it's complicated. Probably if I were normal, I'd do it too. Or would have in the past, at any rate. Most that are my age or older seem to do it a bit less. Anyway.

I don't usually notice this so much, but with us being out here, it's all I hear, day in and day out. These folks cheer Tiger Woods for scoring with "hot chicks", rather than ridicule him for making the dishonorable choice to fuck around on his wife. Sure, because showing reckless disregard for your loved ones is so damn manly. If you can't keep it in your pants, get a fucking divorce. At least that way she knows where you stand. At least that way you're not essentially stabbing your wife in the back. The culture of machismo needs to just FOAD already.

It doesn't help that there's assloads of sexual tension here, anyway. We have 5 women on this ship, and about 250 men. To top it off, all the women are officers, while most of the men (230 or so) are NCOs and grunts. All of which combines to mean that the women are utterly untouchable. The law forbids it, and even if it didn't, shagging your boss is monumentally awkward. Not helping matters is that all of them are really quite pretty. Of course, that's all most of the people see. It's a cold day in hell that anyone here talks about them in any terms other than purely physical ones. Nobody takes them seriously - after all, what kind of man takes orders from a walking twat? If I facepalmed hard enough to cover it, I'd kill my distant ancestors.

Bah humbug.


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