First, let me apologize (thing I've recently learned how to do) for breaking the site last night. I was on the site and forgot I had the high voltage attachment installed on my X-Man type hand and it short circuited the site and almost took down the Internet (thing you access with a "computer" which is a machine). Thankfully, things were corrected by people smarter than me.

Your friend Behr had his surgery and now has all new (gently used actually) organs from people who were involved in various shootings ongoing around America. I was discharged this morning with a lot of prescriptions to fill. Those papers were thrown out. I will not be controlled by medication, except the stuff that causes my urge to commit genocide to subside. I'd really like to move beyond that as I now reject the teachings of my youth as I seek to give love instead of death to those I encounter.

Thank you for your support during my surgery.

My friends.

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