Yesterday friend Behr left hospital threw away prescription papers then finished daylog on hood of security vehicle in parking lot. Then spleen fell out and was wheeled back in said "told you too soon to leave" and took me to "intensive care." I will leave in morning after some rest will feel better.

One of the things I want to tell you about is how touched I am. I am touched. The way my friends here have rallied to send small animals and flowers to my bedside has been good to see. I am warmed as if I have goo growing inside me ever since I was touched by the magical Abby last week. Such a woman. Such a touch. So loving. So warm. Such breasts.

Freakin' hottie is what she was and if she doesn't know it then someone who knows Abby ought to tell her words like "Abby I love you" or "Abby lets go to Arbys" or "Abby have you ever read cliff notes?" You want to stir the conversation to make her feel good about herself. Sex comes later. Give it time to mature and develop. Abby knows but you have to tell her. Warm is her form. WARM IS HER FORM.

I can't even tell you what is going on in this room.

The lighting in here is unnatural like in movie Jacob's Ladder which was just on the television here. May have ordered it but I am in hospital. Weird lights.

Can't even masturbate in here. No idea what the hospital protocols are on that. People keep walking in and out. Can barely get one finger in bum let alone four.

Nurse is here. Must go.

My friends.

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