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Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Writer's block. That's why daylogs have been frequent and real, live writeups have been few. Lotsa ideas in the pipeline; they're just not making their way from grey matter to paper (or cyber-paper).

Might be 'cause there's so much going on that by the end of the day all that's left is some idle chit-chat, put on some music, and email answers to be sent (spam, spam, spam, memo, recipes, spam, "message filter to VIP inbox", Aha! meaningful message!

Sleep is not enough. A vacation is a pipe dream. But enough complaining.

Customers are happy. Public relations are at their best in ages. Contentment is a blessing. Thank you, God!

No TV. No good books. No newspaper. Radio "Ten-Ten WINS!" every Monday, in the car, sitting in traffic, is the only connection to what's going on in the world. And the banter at the bar about the latest heart-rending story that's making its way from TV news around to small talk. Martha Stewart would be proud; "It's a good thing:" the information that really counts is found here and here.

Sunday night was the end of a roller-coaster week which was lived through (else this wouldn't be here) but not without physical pain. Deep in the bones, muscle-aching, from-hard-work pain. Not just the innocuous stuff from "work" but ache; ache from lifting trays full of soiled dishes, staying up late, filling endless water glasses, but most rewardingly, serving up great food and drink. Tomorrow the roller-coaster car takes off again, but it's a different roller-coaster, so who knows what thrills and spills are likely to be encountered.

Most interesting (could be "frustrating" but rising to a challenge is what makes stuff "interesting") is the catch 22 that's going on in this neck o' the woods. The more business that comes our way, the more help that's needed. Would that my business model be followed, the help would be there before the onslaught of patrons came our way. It didn't work that way. Thus the title of this little ramble.

Some say if you ain't movin' your feet forward, even in baby steps, you ain't standing still — you're moving backward (at one rate or another). So the decision is this; take better care of the feet, and be okay with moving backward, or burn out.

Still ain't made my mind up. But am sure the answer will present itself shortly.

Gotta take a nap, now.

See ya soon. Love,


For You Know Who,

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