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Yesterday I grumbled about how poor the last couple of gigs I'd been to were. No communication with the audience, pretty poor acoustics and all round suckiness for several reasons. I was rightfully skeptical about how good the band would be last night.

My skepticism was in vain. The bruises and scratches down my arms can attest to that, along with the aches in every muscle of my body.

Where do I begin? The rather terrific performance of the supporting acts? Aiden and Taking Back Sunday... not 'great' bands, but they rocked pretty hard and they were good showman. I'd never heard Aiden before, but I found myself singing along once I caught the choruses. And Taking Back Sunday... I'm not much of a fan, but Cute without the E had me jumping around like a madman. I love that song.

And then on come LostProphets. It wouldn't do justice to explain why it was a great gig. If you've been to a great gig, you know what that feeling is like where everything is just perfect: The attitude of the crowd and the band, the songs chosen, the interaction, the sideshows (Mexican waves, everyone singing the tune to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Wall of Death, moshing).

I've still got that post-orgasmic feeling* from the gig, even though every muscle aches and all my bruises and cuts sting. I am a man! :D

*not that I'd know what that was like, but that's another story for another node.

It's been a long day. The usual really, trying to get the Kid to listen to me, trying to get the Kid to eat. It's near impossible to get that child to eat anything. I tried pineapple again today. Pineapple! Sweet, delicious, juicy pineapple. Looks like candy. Tastes almost like candy. Would she even try it? No. 'Hate pineapple!' (How did my child learn the word hate and how to use it in a sentence?)

Her Dad says, "Eat it, sweetheart," she pops it in her mouth. She still won't admit it's yummy but she chewed and swallowed. Later I couldn't even get her to eat another bite of pineapple. (I finally slathered sections of apple in peanut butter. Thank heavens for chewable vitamins and peanut butter or my Kid would waste away.)

Most of the rest of my day (the child is out with her Dad right now -- they went out this morning too) has been spent working at the computer, trying to recall elementary HTML and figuring out whether or not I will actually be able to spend any time at this site. I'm interested in it and some of the writing is very --- ummm --- creative. (Also some of the language sections interest me. I'm studying Japanese right now and there are some good articles on the derivation of the written and spoken language.)

Alright that paragraph was long and nearly meaningless. (Plus, in case you haven't noticed I use () way too frequently.) Anyway, this is the first Day Log thing I've done here. If I come back to it they'll get better, otherwise . . . .

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