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Area 7 are a kick ass ska band from Melbourne, Australia. Some of their original members are from a madness cover band, mad not madness, but they are now really starting to make it big here, as their songs are placing pretty high in the top 40. nice to here some real stuff up there for once!

Area 7 is an action novel by Australian author Matthew Reilly set in the Utah desert starring Captain Shane M. Schofield, United States Marine Corps. It is the sequel to Ice Station and features characters from the original book.

The premise is that a transmitter implanted on the heart of the President of the United States of America will detonate several plasma warheads placed in airports around the northern United States as soon as his heart stops beating, sending the country back to a pre-civil war state.

Schofield - since Area 7, transferred to control of Marine One, the President's helicopter - and his Marines must save the President from murderous psychopath Caesar Russell and the traitorous troops under his command. The book is a worthy sequel to Ice Station and lives up to the action in its predecessor.

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