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One of the descendants of Heracles, the son of Aristomachus, who was himself the great-grandson of Heracles (Table 16). His brothers were Temenus and Chresphontes, who conquered the Peloponnese. When he was with his brother Temenus at Naupactus when the fleet and army for this campaign were being prepared, Aristodemus was struck by a thunderbolt at the request of Apollo, who wanted to punish him for not having first consulted the Delphic oracle. Another tradition says that he was killed by Medon and Strophius, the children of Pylades and Electra. In yet another version it is said that he had not been killed but took part with his brothers in the successful campaign, and was awarded Laconia as his share. He reigned there, leaving his throne after his death to his two sons, Eurysthenes and Proclus whose mother was Argia the daughter of Autesion (see Theras and Table 37).


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- See also Procles.

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